Vibronics, the future sound of dub, have been vibrating the world with bass since 1995. Their music is at the forefront of the UK Dub scene, proven by over 50 releases on their own legendary SCOOPS label as well as a host of albums, singles and remixes for a myriad of other labels such as Universal Egg, Jarring Effects, Dubhead and Jah Tubbys . In the studio they have worked with Zion Train, Iration Steppas, Macka B, Ranking Joe, Brain Damage, High Tone, Big Youth and an almost endless list of dub & reggae luminaries. Wether dub-mixing live on stage, rocking the clubs or uplifting the festivals, Vibronics continue to perform tirelessly across Europe as well as in Asia, Central America and the Caribbean.

... 2017 Horizon … 
JANUARY Vibronics 1st ever tour of India (Mumbai / Goa / Pune)
FEBRUARY release for the new album 'Half Century Dub (5 Decades In The Mix)' made in collaboration with dub legends Conscious Sounds. 1st ever Vibronics show in New York City
MARCH on tour accross the UK & Europe

1990's / early 2000's Vibronics released a myriad of singles as well as three albums on the Universal Egg label, including the highly praised CD/LP 'Dubliftment', also there were two albums in France for the Soundsaround label. SCOOPS Records was launched and so begun the story of one of the most prolific UK Dub labels.

2008 saw the release of the Vibronics 'UK DUB STORY' album. This featured guest vocals from legendary MC Macka.B along with the talents of Jah Marnyah & Echo Ranks, alongside classically uplifting instrumental dub tracks. The band played cuts from this album at club and festival shows throughout Europe during recent summers with highlights including; Glastonbury in the UK, Ostroda Reggae Festival, Poland, Dour festival, Belgium and Outlook Festival, Croatia.

2010 Vibronics launched their assault on the new decade with 12 new singles on the SCOOPS label, one released each month over the whole year.  2012 will see the release of the ‘Vibronics French Connection’ album in March, on Hammerbass records. Vibronics come roaring out of the studio with 12 brand new remix collaborations featuring the cream of French dub artists; High Tone, Zenzile, Brain Damage, Weeding Dub, Blackboard Jungle, OBF and Kanka, to name just a few of the artists to be re-worked in this international Dub project.

2012 was all about the 'French Connection' album & 10" singles. The connection between Vibronics & France has always been strong. Right from the start, with those first French shows in 1997, Vibronics was making connections with the emerging Dub Scene just across The Channel. The French Connection album celebrates this unique link through a series of remix collaborations, 15 in total, that's one for every year Vibronics has been playing in France. The French Connection is a definitive list of the top French Dub producers, from the electronic experiments of Lyon legends High Tone to the roots rocking of Bordeaux's Improvisators Dub, every leading light in French Reggae, Dub & Bass Music is present.  Vibronics meets Miniman , High Tone, Blackboard Jungl, EZ3kiel, Iration Steppas & Improvisators Dub, Weeding Dub, OBF, Kanka, Kally Live Dub, Fedayi Pacha, Zenzile, Brain Damage, No More Babylon, Webcam Hi Fi & Jacin

2013/14 was all about the amazing collaboration with Brain Damage callled 'Empire Soldiers'. As we approach the centenary of World War 1, our on-going "Empire Soldiers" project tells the stories of the troops from The Caribbean, Asia & Africa that fought of that terrible conflict. The CD/LP Album was released in October and is picking up airplay left, right and centre. The Live show is on tour, spreading far & wide across Europe & beyond.
Brain Damage & Vibronics unleash a fiery dubwise journey into the lesser known volumes of history. When two of Europe’s most notorious dub producers and an international cast of singers meet up to discus the start of the Great War 100 years ago, you know the results are going to be big. ?Empire Soldiers ?is the often overlooked story of the colonial troops in World War One, a heavyweight musical collaboration with an emotive set of lyrical tales from Africa, Asia and The Caribbean told by Madu Messenger, Parvez, Sir Jean and Mohammed El Amraoui.